Governor Susana Martinez Unveils Series of Powerful TV Ads to Fight Drunk Driving

Today, Governor Susana Martinez unveiled a series of powerful TV ads to fight drunk driving on the state’s roads and highways. These new ads feature New Mexico State Police officers sharing their personal stories of coming face-to-face with the real and horrible consequences of drunk driving, witnessing the devastating fatal crashes and having to inform families that their loved ones have been killed.
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Gov. Martinez Announces $300K Ad Blitz Against Drunken Driving

New Mexico, a state with a long history of tragic drunken-driving incidents, will fill the radio and television airwaves with commercials during the holiday season that are aimed at curbing the crime.

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State Police Officers To Share Stories From DWI Crashes

New Mexico State Police officers will soon be on television and the radio in a series of commercials to share personal experiences of responding to drunken driving wrecks, Governor Susana Martinez announced Tuesday.

The officers’ accounts will include describing the crashes and informing family members that a loved one has been killed in a drunken driving wreck, Martinez said in a news release.

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Scary ads warn of dangers behind the wheel

New Mexicans can see a lot of blood and gore in a series of public service announcements that recently began airing.
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Graphic PSA’s combat dangerous driving habits

The state is going for shock value in a new advertisement campaign to combat DWI and texting while driving.
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New DNTXT Campaign – U Drive. U Text. U Pay.

A warning about texting while driving: it is against the law, and police statewide are setting up spotters to catch you.
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KRQE covers new ENDWI efforts

Some nice local news coverage for our latest advertising campaign.

NM sees decrease in deadly DWI crashes

Governor Susana Martinez announced Tuesday significant numbers from last year that show that New Mexico is making progress in the fight against drunk driving. The state chose the Isleta Amphitheater for…
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Texting while driving ban signed into law

Taking your eyes off the road to send or read a text message is dangerous and soon, it will get you a ticket anywhere in New Mexico. Sunday, Governor Susana Martinez signed a bill…
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BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – The New Mexico State Police is calling their large-scale New Year’s Eve patrol saturation a success.

According to Sgt. Damyan Brown, they did not have to respond to one crash where innocent people were injured or killed.
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NMDOT 2013 “Dwight Goodman: KRQE News Coverage”


Anti-DWI effort moves to smart phones

The state has unveiled a new smart-phone application to help combat the DWI problem in New Mexico.The free ENDWI app is now available to anyone with an iPhone or Android phone.

“This application is an important addition to our ENDWI efforts because it is designed to put the power to prevent DWI in the palm of your hands regardless of where you are,” Gov. Susana Martinez said.

Governor Susana Martinez, along with MADD, NMDOT, and NMDPS kicked off the “100 Days and Nights of Summer”

DWI enforcement campaign and launched the new anti-DWI advertising campaign. ENDWI, on Friday, June 22, 2012 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, in ABQ.

The “100 Days and Nights of Summer” is an intensive, annual enforcement effort by state and local law enforcement officials that targets traffic safety topics such as, seat belt use, distracted driving, and drunk driving in New Mexico.

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