State Drunk Driving Ads Recognized Nationally

Gov. Susana Martinez has announced that one of the state’s TV ad campaigns called, “Reality Series – Over the Limit,” to combat DWI is featured on the Governors Highway Safety Association’s website. This showcases what New Mexico is doing to fight drunk driving to other states.

“I am very pleased that New Mexico can be an example to other states,” Martinez said. “Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable and my administration will do everything in our power to stop it – because even one death to a drunk driver on our roads and highways is too many.”

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NM launches 100-day campaign against DWI

Drivers in New Mexico can expect an increased police presence this summer as part of a 100-day crackdown on DWI and distracted driving.

The state, as part of it, is launching a $225,000 advertising campaign that features a horror-movie-style clip of a drunken driver haunted by the ghost of a young woman he’s killed.

In an Albuquerque news conference, Gov. Susana Martinez, a former prosecutor, said she’s seen firsthand the damage caused by drunken driving.

“The reality is much more terrible, but we’re hoping this will reach people,” she said of the publicity campaign.

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New Mexico governor unveils new anti-DWI ad

Gov. Martinez has unveiled a new DWI ad as the state continues its efforts to crack down on drunk driving.

The ad is from the perspective of a DWI offender in prison, haunted by what he’s done after getting behind the wheel drunk, killing a young girl.

So far this year, 156 people have been killed in crashes in New Mexico — 61 of them alcohol-related.

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ENDWI ad released before Cinco de Mayo Weekend

New ads providing a firsthand perspective of a DWI suspect have been unveiled.

The ads are the latest in a series designed to stop drunk driving.

The new ad follows a drunk driver from the time he is pulled over, through this release from jail the next morning.

“Please help us end DWI. We all have a part to play. Don’t let this be your reality,” Gov. Susana Martinez said at a news conference Thursday.

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